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Velvet Toy Box is the result of living in Amsterdam for a number of years where the lifestyle was open to all types products available at your door there and the freedom to buy and experience all kinds of products in a city where one could discover, explore and open up to their sexual side of life and desires. With this came experience in working in the sex shop industry selling first hand to customers many products to suit whatever it was they were after.

The entire team at Velvet Toy Box are motivated to ensuring everyone has an amazing and enjoyable sex life. Whether you are a couple, married, single, engaged, looking for a “naughty” gift. We have something for everyone. With a huge selection of sex toys, bondage gear, sexy lingerie and sex essentials like condoms and lubricants in our inventory, we are the one-stop online shop for all your sexy needs.

We focus on providing exceptional customer service and a quality true value product.

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