Climax Elite Silicone Lubricant

Experience the soft silky smooth texture of this silky sillicone based lubricant brought to you by Climax Elite. Ideal for thos intimate encounters and extended playtime with all your non siliconoe toys! This is definately one to keep handy bedside


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Climax Elite Super Slippery Silicone Lubricant 120ml

Enjoy intimate encounters in and out of the water and for an extended amount of time with this silky super slippery silicone lubricant.
The CLimax Elite silicone lubricant is long lasting and a perfect match for couples intimacy, however not to be used with your silicone toys!
Mainitaining the slipery feel even in the water this lube is ideal for that kind of play as well as non silicone toys such as glass dildos and also those toys that you may want to insert for a time like butt plugs.
Fantastic for those intimate encounters in the water and playtime with your non silicone sex toys such as the glass or metal ones, this range of lubricants brought to you by the Climax Elite range will leave your feeling soft, silky smooth with its moisturinsing quality. A lube lilke no other!

Features of the Silicone Lubricant include:

  • Volume: 120ml
  • 100% Silicone
  • Paraben Free


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