Velvet Ella Weighted Kegel Balls Set

Improve pelvic floor strength and enhance sensitivity during sex with the Velvet Ella Weighted Kegel Balls Set, no matter what your starting point is!


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Velvet Ella Silicone Weighted Kegel Balls Set.

Say hello to Fare L’Amore Adele, cherry shaped weighted Kegel balls set
Using the five progressive weights, you can begin to build your pelvic floor strength no matter what level you are starting from.
Start with the lighter weights, then when this feels too easy, progress to the more challenging weights!
All five cherries from this weighted set are comfortable enough to wear discreetly all day long, but even 15 minutes per day will be enough for you to start noticing some positive changes in your pelvic floor!
By strengthening the pelvic floor, the tighter vaginal wall also becomes more responsive during intercourse, making sex more pleasurable for both partners.

Features of theVelvet Ella Set includes:

  • 5 Weighted Cherries: 30g, 40g, 60g, 85g & 110g
  • Cherry Width: 1.3 Inches (3.5cm)
  • Total Length: 5.75 Inches (14.5cm) (including handy pull cord)
  • Free From Phthalates
  • Material: Silicone
  • 100% Body Safe
  • Waterproof


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