Fetish Fantasy Series Satin Love Mask

Cover your lover’s eyes with this seductive satin mask, weather you are exploring bondage for the first time or want to add an extra level of sensual play to your bedroom repitoir, this is great addition for the collection!


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Fetish Fantasy Series Satin Love Mask Blindfolds For Bondage Play.

Create sensual delights in the bedroom with this seductive Satin Love Mask.

Simply slide this satin mask over your lovers eyes with its elastic straps to keep the mask in place as you tease and tantalise your lover awakening the other senses, heightening their sexual desire.
A great place to start if you are exploring bondage for the first time, or even if you wish to just add a little extra to your collection for adventurous play in the bedrooom
Why not pair this seductive mask up with a pair of handcuffs and feather ticklers for a little extra fantasy play?
Part of the Fetish Fantasy Series, this Satin Love Mask is the perfect introduction into the sensual world of bondage.


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