Glow In The Dark Thai Anal Beads (Pink)


Perfect for beginners these lovely glow in the dark anal beads are a easy transition into the wonderful world of anal play.

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Pink Glow In The Dark Thai Anal Beads.

Perfect for men and women alike, these lovely glow in the dark balls are soft enough to feel comfortable, but firm enough to feel sensational!
With 4 graduated beads that are connected to a secure jelly string, you can insert just one, two or three until you are ready for all four.
Thai anal beads have been used for centuries for anal stimulation, especially to help enhance sensations by removing them at the exact point of orgasm.

Features of the Glow In The Dark Thai Anal Beads include:

  • Width: 1.5cm to 2cm
  • Material: PVC Jelly Rubber (Silicone based personal lubricants can be used)
  • Body Safe
  • Phthalates Free
  • Glow In The Dark

When using toys for the anus, always use specific anal lubricants to avoid pain. You may also want to consider using products like Tush EZE or Anal Eze that are desensitizing gels to make insertion more comfortable.

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