ID BackSlide Silicone Lubricant 65ml

This extra thick, concentrated silicone lubricant  has been formulated for the most supurb quality and performance, ID BackSlide is the  ideal choice with the very best of anal pleasures in mind!


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ID BackSlide Silicone Lubricant 65ml: Concentrated, Extra Thick Anal Lubricant

With a thick delux texture for the most generous lubrication you can imagine, this anal lubricant is designed with the most enjoyable pleasures in mind.
For those wanting every anal experience a comfortable and pleasurable one, the ID backslide won’t dissapoint with its thick decadent texture, it allows for easy penetration without desensetising the area allowing for extra sensual pleasure in!
This silicone lubricant formula is designed for the most enjoyable anal sex and is condo compatible.
Although not compatible with silicone sex toys, it is ideal for anal toys made from latex plastic, rubber, glass or metal.
Weather gay, straight or solo, this formular is a cler choice brought to you by ID Lubricants

Features of the ID BackSlide include:

  • Silicone Based Formula
  • Concentrated, Extra Thick
  • Contains Clove and Spilanthes Extract
  • Latex Compatible
  • Not Suitable For Use With Silicone Toys
  • Waterproof


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