ID Pleasure Lube 500ml


For endless excitement and adventure in the bedroom, make sure there’s ID Pleasure Lube on stand by! Water based lubricants with the added benefit of tingly sexual enhancers, these personal lubes are a must have for any frisky moment.

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ID Pleasure Lube 500ml Water Based Lubricants With Sexual Enhancers.

These water based lubricants contain natural sexual enhancers that makes your skin tingle and prickle with thrilling anticipation.
A sure fire way to spice things up in the bedroom, this unique formula contains natural botanical extracts of gingko biloba and red clover to enhance sensation and increase arousal in your nether regions.
This formula is stain free and easy to clean up.It can also add a whole new element of excitement to your bedroom adventures!

Features of ID Pleasure Lube includes:

  • Volume: 500ml
  • Water Based Formula
  • Action: Tingling Sensation
  • Safe For Silicone Toys
  • Latex Friendly
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