Inamorata Steel Geisha Balls Small Kegel Balls Set

Suitable for all day wear or erotic play time, the small Inamorata Steel Geisha Balls are sure to become a regular part of your pleasure routine.


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Inamorata Steel Geisha Balls Set Of Two Small Kegel Balls.

The ancient and time tested practice of inserting of steel Kegel balls into the vagina has been used for centuries to provide women with pleasure sensations as well as improving pelvic floor strength.
These metal balls are sized so that they can be worn discreetly during the day or left in for extra stimulation during erotic play.

Presented beautifully in an attractive navy blue box, these beautiful traditional style Inamorata Steel Geisha Balls make a wonderful gift for yourself or a lover.

Features of the Inamorata Steel Geisha Balls include:

  • 2 Small Steel Kegel Balls
  • Ball Diameter: 2cm
  • Silver & Navy Blue Gift Box


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