Intimate Dares Game

Enjoyed by couples, friends or more, this Intimate Dares Game will take you on new sexual adventures and make for some erotic and daring moves to make this game into hours of fun!


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A little more risqué than your average card game, here is the popular intimate Dares game.
A great way to enjoy some grown up fun with friends or explore unchartered sexual territory in the form of daring tasks.
Play the Intimate Dares Game by either taking tricks or avoiding tricks which lead to DARE cards and one of the most fun sex toys for couples!
Fulfill your wildest dreams or fantasies by venturing into new sexual territory you may never have gone before!

Features of Intimate Dares Game includes:

  • 1 Intimate Dares playing deck
  • 1 deck of DARE cards
  • Instructions
  • Suitable for 3 or more adult players


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