Kama Sutra Oil Of Love

Enjoy this tasty edible treat while sensually massaging your partner into seduction with the Kama Sutra Oil Of Love.


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Kama Sutra Oil Of Love Edible Body Oil Vanilla Creme.

Enrich the senses and eplore your lover’s body with this  Kama Sutra Oil Of Love that will remind you of freshly baked cookies!
This delectable oil will be the perfect partner in foreplay serving the sensual art of masssage by applying the delisous oil to the erogenous zones while enjoying kissing and licking or blowing all the while giving a warming sensation to the skin.
This delightful oil is a treat for both lovers in play as it feels sensual and warming and for the giver it is a delicious tasty treat!
Part of the Kama Sutra range, the Kama Sutra Oil of Love will add some playful fun and sensuality to your intimate encounters.

Features of the Kama Sutra Oil Of Love include:

  • Volume: 100ml
  • Flavour: Vanilla Creme


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