Lockable Sex Toy Case Medium (Silver)

The Lockable Sex Toy Case Medium Silver vibrator and sex toy storagebox keeps your favourite toys clean, ready for use and safe from prying eyes. Also included for FREE is a bonus Joyboxx Playtray in Black.


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Lockable Sex Toy Case – One Of The Best Sex Toy Boxes You Can Own.

Cute and affordable, this sexy silver Lockable Sex Toy Case is a smart way to keep your favourite adult toys safe from prying eyes.
The keyless locking system offers the ultimate in security, making them perfect for multiple users without the worry of losing keys.
Using appropriate sex toy storage solutions such as these sex toy cases not only help keep your private life private, but will also help care for and improve the longevity of your adult toys.
Note too, as an added bonus, we’ve included a Joyboxx PlayTray (Black) with the case. Used as a coaster for your toys once your finished with them it stops your sticky sex toys or used condoms from getting dust and hair all over them and your bedside drawers from collecting sticky residue.

Features of medium Lockable Sex Toy Case include:

  • Length: 12 Inches (30.5cm)
  • Width: 4 Inches (10cm)
  • Height: 4 Inches (10cm)
  • Material: Metal, ABS Plastic
  • Joyboxx PlayTray (Black) included


directions for use

Directions for setting combination locks on Lockable Sex Toy Cases:

To OPEN, press the large flat button to the right until lock pops open. With the lock open, press and hold the large flat button in the direction of the arrow (to the left) until step two is finished.
Set the number wheels to a 3 digit combination of your choice. Make sure numbers are centred correctly to ensure your desired combination is set. Don’t forget the combination you have set, write it down somewhere safe for reference.
Now release the large flat button. Press in opposite direction (right) to make sure locking mechanism opens. Now it is safe to lock.
The initial lock combination is 000.
WARNING: Your combination of your lockable sex toy case isn’t recoverable, please be sure to write down or memorize your combination. You can reset your combination code again using original instructions, but will need your combination to do so.


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