On Chocolate Arousal Oil

Get your On Chocolate on your clitoris for amazing erotic sensual experience on your next encounter with your partner. Not ony does it feel great, your lover will enjoy that chocolate taste when pleasing your lady bits!


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On Chocolate Arousal Oil Sexual Enhancers.

Formulated to create an exciting sensation that pules and vibes the clitoris, the most sensative part of your body. Made with a unique blend of essential oils and extracts for women, ON Chocolate is the chocolate flavoured arousal oil that will kick start your upcoming sensational sexual encounter!
After just a few drops and a few minutes, you will start to feel the sensaul and invigorating effects this oil will have on you and your special pleasure parts!
Brought to you by Sensuva, ON Chocolate will dramatically heighten your arousal level, with most women noticing they’re self-lubricating more with use.

Features of On Chocolate Arousal Oil Sexual Enhancers include:

  • Helps women lubricate MORE
  • Increases blood flow and sensation
  • Feels like it vibrates and pulsates
  • Helps women have orgasms more easily and more intensely
  • Shockingly powerful
  • Works quickly
  • Effects can last up to an hour
  • Perfect for oral sex – great chocolate taste your partner will love


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