On Ultra For Her

The ultimate choice for explosive reactions and sensational end results, a little drop of this Ultra On for Her formula will get your juices flowing to say the least!


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On Ultra For Her Arousal Oil Sexual Enhancers. 5ml

For the ladies who want or need a stronger arousal response, the On Ultra For Her is the ideal choice!
ULTRA, developed by Sensuva,  had in mind just that, a little extra for those who wanted or need a little more than the origianl formula.
When it comes to sexual enhancers, this is one of the most powerful, with its oil producing several sensations from immediate warmig effect, followed by a tingling, pulsing vibration designed to aid arousal and moistening, causing a more satisfactory orgasmic experience.
Being quite powerful, it is sugested to start with just one drop which will be enough for most women to get the juices and mood flowing. If you wish a little more intensity, after a few minutes add just one more drop for explosive results!
Described by some women as the ultimate level of orgasm, this sexual enhancer is an ultimate choice.

Features of On Ultra For Her Arousal Oil Sexual Enhancers include:

  • Shockingly powerful
  • Fast acting – effects noticed in just a few minutes
  • Helps women self-lubricate more
  • Increases blood flow and sensation on the clitoris
  • Feels like it vibrates and pulsates
  • Helps women have orgasms easier and with greater intensity
  • Effects can last up to an hour, could this cause the multiple orgasm you’ve wished for?
  • Enough for 50, 1 drop applications


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