Pipedream Antibacterial Toy Cleaner With Aloe Vera (128mL)

Containing the anti-bacterial agent Triclosan, this convenient spray bottle also has the soothing power of aloe vera included in the potent formula. In addition to cleaning your toy, the aloe vera leaves behind a fresh, clean natural scent that is also kind to you skin.


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Pipedream Antibacterial Toy Cleaner with Aloe Vera Spray (128ml)

Keep sex toys clean with this convenient spray bottle by giving your sex toys a quick once over before and after play. This Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner With Aloe Vera contains Triclosan, a strong anti-bacterial agent that can help keep your sex toys safe and clean from nasty germs that might cause infection.

This toy cleaner can be used before and after sex toy play to keep you, your partner and your favourite toy as happy and healthy as can be.

Features of Antibacterial Toy Cleaner With Aloe Vera (128mL) include:

  • Size: 4.3 Fl Oz/128 ml</li
  • Contains: Triclosan & Aloe Vera
  • pH Balanced


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