Satisfyer Anal Love Beads Set

These silsone Anal beads are designed for beginners and can be enjoyed by both men and women alike! Discover the world of anal sex toys with these Satisfyer Love Beads.


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Satisfyer Love Beads Set Of 2 (Coloured) Anal Beads.

For many trying anal sex toys for the first time, both men and women can enjoy this perfect option for beginners wanting to explore anal play. The Satisfyer Love Beads Set simultaneously stimulates both the perineum and prostate.
Featuring a small tapered tip, the beads expand gradually to the base allowing for the perfect combination of easy insertion along with a fulfilling stretch.
The flexible silicone shaft of each of the anal beads included in the Love Beads  bends and flexes with your body, hitting new erogenous delights with every movement.
Some hints and tips for first timers:
To make the experience as pleasurable as possible, first apply specifically made, water based anal lubricants, as these anal sex toys are made with Silicone. The second point is to relax and go slow to start with. For those that have a tight derriere, you should consider using either:

Both of these products are desensitizing gels, helping eliminate discomfort with back door action.

Features Of Satisfyer Love Beads Set (Coloured) Include:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Colour: Pink, Turquoise
  • Length: 8 Inches (205mm)
  • Weight: 4.2oz (118g)
  • Width: 1.1 Inches-1.3 Inches (28mm-33mm)

As with all anal toys, antibacterial sex toy cleaners should be applied before using, then add your lubes and gels.


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