Satisfyer Men Tri Delights Sleeve

Looking to spice up your solo pleasure time? If you are already enjoying the Satisfyer Men Executive or Classic masturbator then here is your chance to change it up a bit with one out of a selection of extra sleeves available to change to your pleasure and delights! Enjoy the 3 sections of feel in the  sleeve that will take you to where you want to be. Simply remove your original inner sleeve and pop the Satisfyer Men Tri Delights Sleeve to enjoy a whole new experience!


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Satisfyer Men Tri Delights Masturbator Sleeve.

It is time to mix things up with your Satisfyer Masturbator! You love using your most favourite of masturbators but need to spice it up a bit? Enjoy the offering of a new pleasure canal giving a whole new feel and experience! With Satuisfyer, they have on offer for your delights and pleasures a range of sleeves that are interchangeable with the Classic & Executive model, to give different sensations to your pleasure playtime!
Enjoy the three distinct and different sensations that Satisfyer Men Tri Delights has to offer starting with the pleasure of the firm but gentle grip like a hand rubbing your penis. Next, the ‘vault of pleasure’ massages you like a mouth and finally enjoy a licking sensation that when combined with the first two, will take you over the edge. See how the journey takes you through these pleasures first slow then taking you to climax heaven enjoying all it has to offer!

Features Of Satisfyer Men Tri Delights Sleeve Include:

  • Compatible with Satisfyer’s Executive Male Masturbator
  • Texture: A combination of rubbing, massaging & licking sensations
  • Material: Super soft Cyberskin TPE

To make the experience most enjoyable, we recommend using one of the quality personal lubricants made for male masturbation.
There are a number of water based lubricants formulated for men and that are safe to use with all sex toys, even those containing Silicone.


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