Satisfyer Power Balls Set Of Kegel Balls

Achieve stronger orgasms and a healthier sex life by tightening the pelvic floor using kegel balls. sex toys for women, Satisfyer Power Balls Set Of  3 Kegel Balls have become one of the most sought after sex toys for women.


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Satisfyer Power Balls Set Of 3 Weighted Kegel Balls.

Designed with Women in mind- to help strengthen the pelvic floor as well as enhance the experience of  more intense orgasms, the Satisfyer Power Balls have you covered!
Start with the lightest Power Ball for 15 minutes a day you’ll start to work your pelvic muscles. After a couple of weeks, increase the workout by increasing the weight of the Kegel Ball you insert from the set, then after another 2 weeks, move on to the third and heaviest of the Satisfyer Power Balls.
The advantage of using Kegel Balls is they will help you tighten and making your pelvic floor muscles stronger, you’ll enjoy some arousing sensations thanks to each of the Power Balls vibrating core.

Features Of Satisfyer’s Power Balls Set Include:

  • Set contains 3 different weights, colour coded
  • Measurements: 34 mm x 33 mm x 176 mm
  • Weight: 60g (2.12oz), 75.6g (2.67oz), 91.6g (3.23oz)
  • Material: Silicone (Must use water based lubricants)
  • Oscillating inner core creates a vibration effect
  • Benefit Of Use: Pelvic floor training strengthens muscles for more intense orgasms

To make insertion of these weighted Kegel Balls easier, and to make them more comfortable once inside, we recommend using a quality water based personal lubricant gel.

Clean your Satisfyer Power Balls after use with warm, mild soapy water and allow to air dry.
Before use and after washing, for your sexual health apply one of the quality water absed lubricantsavailable in our Essentials menu.


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