Sex Fortunes Sex Position Tarot Cards

Be the teller of your lovers fortunes in their sexual pleasure and what is to come with this seductive set of Sex Position Tarot Cards.


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Sex Fortunes Sex Position Tarot Cards Fun Sex Games For Heterosexual Couples.

Mystify your lover by accurately predicting their sexual future with Sex Fortunes.
Take turns tellilng a fortune by dealing out 10 tarot cards, then let your lover choose which of the fortunes he or she wants to come true and in what order.
With 79 tarot cards  will soon startr to learn more about your lover and also they will learn more of you- ideal as an ice breaker its a great way to encourage the exploration of new sex positions!- complete with instruction book let, this should definately e a game to keep you busy in the bedroom!

Features of Sex Fortunes Sex Position Tarot Cards include:

  • Illustrated instruction booklet
  • 78 position cards
  • Languages: English (Primary), Spanish, German and French
  • Designed for heterosexual couples


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