USB Pinhole Charging Cable


Keep a spare chargeing cable for your favourite sex toy handy. You do not want to find yourself in that moment where you have lost the charger or its broken in a crusical moment!

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This USB pinhole charging cable fits vibrators that take 12mm x 2mm pinhole charging jacks.
A handy replacement in case your current charger breaks or gets misplaced, this replacement charger cable could be your saviour.
Don’t waste money on a brand new vibrator just because you no longer have a charging cable for it – buy a replacement at a fraction of the price.
Suitable for many vibrators including the Fifty Shades Darker collection of rechargeable vibrators & Romant vibrators, get your replacement charger before you run out of charge.

Features of the white USB Pinhole Charging Cable include:

  • Pin Length: 12mm
  • Pin Width: 2mm
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