VerSpanken Smooth

Spice up your solo pleasures just how you like it with this easy to handle VerSpanken smooth Handheld Masturbator. Simply adjust the tightness to your pleasure and enjoy some intimate delights.

Features of the VerSpanken Smooth include:

  • Length: 23cm
  • Width: 10.2cm


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VerSpanken Bumpy Handheld Masturbator

Enjoy the pleasures of this cleverly designed handheld masturbaotr that allows you to take control of your pleasure adventure!
Enjoy your stimulating and pleasurable ride with its smooth insert and unique adjustable pressure feature that allows you to adjust the grip force to your liking. With an easy snap shut outer casing that will keep that grip so you don’t have to!
Using handheld masturbators not only enhances solo sessions, they also offer the chance to enjoy a stronger sense of sexual satisfaction with the use of plenty of water based lubricant. Weather alone or with a lover, they provide a chance to create an extra dimension of sexual pleasure and spice.
Part of the Big tease Toys range, this impressive toy is also able to be warmed or cooled to suit your desire.

Features of the VerSpanken Smooth include:

  • Length: 23cm
  • Width: 10.2cm


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